General information about Croatia

If this is your first visit to Croatia you'll be surprised a lot . Our permanent visitors know quite well what kind of offers , the natural beauties and hospitality are expecting them.The Croatian countryside is recognized for its differences , thanks to that it gives us the unique play of continual contrasted countryside . That what in other countries is quite distant , here is very near: the sea, the cargs, the mountains, the fertile fields...


Tourism in Croatia

The Adriatic is the longtime goal of tourists from all parts of Europe , but neither the Croatian inland aeras with their woods in Lika, the corn-fields of Slavonia and the pitoresque hills of Croatia mountain –range should not be ignored. Altrough, Croatia is one of the smallest European countries, she has got a very rich offer about which other countries can only dream. And all that is distant from the centre of Europe for only a few hours of driving. It cannot be said for sure, that the seaside towns like Porec, Rovinj, Makarska, Hvar or Korcula are the world touristic centres – but also cannot be said that one day they won’t become it. It must not be omitted that the sea washing the Croatian coast is one of the clerest sea in the world. The Mother Nature has made the Croatian countryside unique and she has left to the man taking care of it.

According to ecology, Croatia is one of the least polluted countries in Europe and her seven National Parks and numerous natural reservations give evidence to that. If you want to feel the untouched nature and be part of it , just visit the National park of the Plitvice Lakes which will amaze you with its numerous waterfalls and lakes surrounded by woods and mountains; or visit the Island of Brioni whose rare exemplares of plants and animals are the real exotic oasis at the Adriatic sea.


General characteristics

Croatia is the Adriatic and Central-European country with the population of 4,8 million people which spreads from the Danube in the northeast, Istria in the west and Boka Kotorska in the southeast ; the area of the mainland 56,538 km2 and the coast about 31,900 km2. The Adriatic Sea is the nearest warm sea forlots Europeans and the most beautiful ,too. The seashore including the islands is 5,700 km long. With its 1,185 islands, small islands and cliffs it rightly defends its name "the land of the thousend islands".


Did you know?

that in 1906, one Croat, the engineer S.Eduard Penkala, invented and patented the first pen and the first fountain – pen.

that the word tie is close connected with Croatia and is a Croatian invention. - Why? Because one of the Croats, in the 17th century used to put a piece of cloth around his neck as a fashion detail.

that in the city of Dubrovnik from the 14th century the municipal authority took care of the sick people. During the big epidemics all the sick were transported to the nearly island where they had the respective nursing.


The national currency is the Croatian Kuna(Kn). There are bankonotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 100 Kunas and coins of 1,2,5,10,20 and 50 lipas and coins of 1,2,5 and 25 Kunas in circulation (100 lipa = 1 Kuna) . The money can be excanged in official exange offices (banks , post offices , hotels , torist agencies) according to the current excange rates . The payments may be done by credit cards (Diners , Visa , American Express , Eurocard , Mastercard) and Eurocheques .

Road traffic

The same regulations as elsewhere in Europe are valid on the roads of Istria . Speed limitatations are marked on individual roads .

Permitted speed

in towns - 50

out of towns - 90

on motorways - 100

Petrol stations work according to the established schedule , and some of them , mainly on mayor roads are open non-stop.

Kinds of petrol

unleaded petrol 91

unleaded petrol 95

unleaded petrol 98

super 98

eurodiesel /diesel II

In a case of car defect or accident one may call HAK-AK Pula –Rovinj , tel.214-972 , 540-987 or a dispatcher centre , tel.987 .Services are paid in cash , by cheque or credit card (Diners , American) . HAK and ADAC members may pay services rendered to them by coupons or a letter of credit . HAK ia a member of AIT and FIA.

Important number's:

Breakdown assistance 987

Police 92

Fire brigade 93

Ambulance 94

Allowed quantity of alcohol in the blood is 0,5 pro mille.

Mobile phone

It is possible to use mobile phones of GSM (standard) net.To make an international call from Croatia , dial the international dialing code "00" .Next dial the country code and then the area code (without "0" for area code) , for example:

00 + 43 (Austria) + area code + subscriber's number

36 (Hungary )

49 (Germany)

44 (Grat Britain)

41 (Switzerland)

46 (Sweden)

420 (Czech Republic)

421 (Slovakia)

31 (the Netherlands)

45 (Denmark)

358 (Finland)

386 (Slovenia)

To make a long distance call to Italy dial 0039 , then the area code of the city without omitting the "0"

Tourist health care

During their stay in Croatia , tourists are entitled to medical services at health stations and hospitals at minimum cost that is charged to Croatian citizens . Visitors from the Chech Republic , Slovakia , Poland , Hungary and Great Britain are obliged to present only their passport . Aside from the passport or identity card , visitors from Germany must present the HR-D 111 , from Austria the A/HR 3 , from Italy the MO-7 form . Visitors from the Netherlands , besides their passport , are obliged to present the YN 111 form , those from Belgium the BY 11 form , from Slovenia SLO-HR 3 form . In larger towns one pharmacy is open 24 hours s day , 7 days a week . Tourists may choose privat medical doctors and dentists where a full price is charged for medical treatment .

Tourist associations

hrvatska turisticka zajednica istra

National holidays

1st Jannuary-New Year's Day

6th Jannuar – Epiphany

Easter Monday

30 th May – Statehood Day

22nd June – Anti-Fascism Day

5th August – Hommeland Gratitude Day

15 th August - Assumption

1st November – All Saint's Day

25th and 26th December - Christmas