Holiday in Premantura, Istria, Croatia

Premantura is a picturesque town with 450 residents , located in Istria’s far south , which was already setteld during the Bronze Age . The remains of villae rusticae are evidence of the ancient Romans’ wise choice of Premantura as an ideal setting . A beautiful statue of Minerva was also found here , today kept in the Archeological Museum in Pula.


The long, narrow peninsula of Kamenjak gives Premantura its most recognizable characteristic. It is one of the last oases of the coastal region that has preserved its original appearance – a mosaic of cultivated fildes, pastures and green groves immersed in the deep blue sea. The peninsula is 9,5 km long and as wide as 1,5 km , and stretches into the Adriatic Sea like a long arm . Kamenjak is encompassed by a 30 km coastline dotted with numerous coves and miniature beaches , and this primaval beauty is enriched with small islands which rise from the crystalline blue-green sea.

Tourism in Premantura

In Premantura there are several well-stocked stores , bank and souvenir shop . The restaurants have made Premantura famous as a place of rich tables set with fish and other seafood specialities. Accomodations capacities include apartments in Premantura>, rooms in family houses, and campsites. Due to a strong winds blowing frequently in the late spring and early autumn, the village offers excellent surfing and yachting opportunities. There are tennis courts, miniature golf courses, boccia alleys and other sports facilities. Of many tourist and folk festivals, the most famous are: the Crab Feast (1st of May) and St.Lawrence’s Day (10th of August), a fest commemorating St. Lawrence, the patron saint of Premantura.


The coast of Medulin is low, sandy and well-indented. The Medulin archipelago, with its ten islets and the coastal phenomenon called “primosten” or “tombolo”, represents a special natural attraction, together with its lavish vegetation cover and extremely favorable climate.