Holiday in Vodnjan, Istria, Croatia

Vodnjan is a town in the south-western part of Istria, 10 km north of Pula.


Tourism in Vodnjan

Inhabitants of Vodnjan have preserved their ancient Romance Istrian speech and customs. Vodnjan and its surroundings are an important agricultural area, famous for quality wines and olive-oil. The old «torc» in Vodnjan remainds of ancient ways of olive-processing. Of great importance is the church of St. Blaise, patron of Vodnjan, which houses the outstanding, worl-famous collection of reliquaries with five mummified bodies of saints,as well as a collection of paintings.
The famous Bumbar (the local population called «Bumbari», in Croatian bumble-bees) Fiesta is held in Vodnjan (in August), based on the ethnological heritage of the local population. The traditional livestock is held every first Saturady in the month, known throught Istria.

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